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Paul Shashkov

Big Ass Nurse ##VERIFIED##

When I walked in I was startled at how busy the place was at four in the afternoon. Every table had someone sitting at it! This really wasn't a problem since each table was very long with benches on each side leaving me several seating possibilities. I got a beer at the bar and positioned myself at the end of a table near the back of the bar. Sitting at the other end of the table were several women in nurses uniforms. From the smattering of conversation I heard over the sound of the juke box, I gathered that they had just finished an unusually rough shift at the local hospital. They must have been there a while because there were several empty pitchers on the table.

big ass nurse

I was busy working on my second beer and attempting to think of some way to introduce myself when they all got up to leave. All of them that is, but the nurse at the far end of the table. She still had a full beer and I heard her tell her friends that she would stick around to finish it before she headed home. To be honest, I don't think I even noticed her before her friends got up to leave. She was older than the others, probably early thirties and a little over weight. Her hair was bleach blond with about an inch of dark roots showing. Her eyebrows had been over plucked and she used lots of blue eye shadow which even back then seemed out-of-style. I guess you would say she wasn't much of a catch, but I remember thinking at the time that there was a certain sleaziness about her looks which really turned me on.

Once my "host" felt I was properly positioned, she went to the foot of the bed and began to slowly undress. She began by unbuttoning her blouse to reveal a white lace bra. Next she pulled down her slacks, all the while, staring me straight in the eyes. Next she turned and slowly bent over, showing me her big ass which was barely covered by her white cotton panties. She slowing began to pull them down to reveal her huge pillowy ass cheeks. Turning, she caught me licking my lips and said "like what you see so far?" I just nodded and gave her my best lecherous grin. All she said was "good" as she climbed onto the bed. Straddling my chest, her pussy was only a foot from my face. It was covered with a thick thatch of brown hair which started as a little trickle of hair at the navel and grew into a dark triangle which disappeared between her meaty thighs. Very slowly and deliberately, she began to play with her pussy. At first just by running her fingers through the hair. Gradually, her fingers began to probe between her plump pussy lips. As she spread them, I could see her prominent pink labia and the bud of her swollen clitoris. I was mesmerized by the sight and the smell. My cock was aching as I drooled over the beautiful pussy that was being fingered just inches from my face. She seemed to be approaching orgasm when she suddenly stopped teasing her swollen clit and spread her pussy wide with both hands. I was admiring her beautiful pussy now fully engorged and literally dripping with juice when a squirt of hot pee hit me square in the face. In all the excitement of being tied up and watching my chubby nurse masturbate, I had completely forgotten that it was my sarcastic comment about watching her pee that begun this adventure.

For the last fifteen years now, I have been watching for her on the street, in bars and shopping malls. But even if I never see her again, I will never ever forget the afternoon I spent with my naughty nurse.

I had just started working as an Physician's Assistant at a hospital in New York; Brooklyn to be exact. The staff there was very cool, especially the nurses. One night I came in for the 11 pm to 7 am shift and there was a new nurse working on the floor. She was a traveling nurse and did she have a big juicy booty. There is no way I can describe it, no words could do that awesome ass justice. She was bent over the counter as the nurse's station with her back too me; that's a good thing because my dick stood up like a tail of a pointer that has detected a bird in the bushes.

I shook it dry, and had to bend my dick to get it tucked in comfortably, zipped up and went to the sink and washed my hands. Going down the hall from room to room I checked with each nurse to see who needed help with patients and what orders needed to be written and tests that needed to be ordered. Almost half of the rooms were empty so I knew it would be a rather slow night. When I got to the room that Sheila was in, she was bent over the side of the bed with her back to me and that ass staring me right in the face. It had me hypnotized like a deer caught in bright headlights. It went out wide and circular then narrowed as it joined her thighs. I wanted to grab her by the waist of her pants, yank them down and just see that ass to be sure it was real. My dick was jumping in my pants like awild horse kicking and bucking trying to throw a rider off.

Because of the complexity of capturing attitudes, a mixed-methods approach was considered beneficial for the description of attitudes towards family involvement from informants from various professions. The merging of qualitative and quantitative results enables comparisons to be made, and a more complete understanding emerges than that provided by the quantitative and qualitative results alone. The overall aim was to describe the attitudes towards family involvement in care held by nurses and medical doctors working in open-heart surgical care and the factors influencing these attitudes.

Harry rushes out. There is a great yelping and ki-yi-ing, a scream from nurse. Immediately nurse enters, carrying Patty, who flaps in a torn and gory state. Harry follows. Nurse, panting, sets down Patty.

Dear Frontline, I very much enjoyed your program on living old. I am 49 years old now and for years I have viewed people growing old and seen people die both with pain and agony and very peacefully. My biggest fear is to grow old and become frail. To become old unable to take care of myself and without quality of life. I do not fear death but see death as part of life. Currently I am enrolled in college to become an registered nurse and plan to persue my BSN there after. It is my hope to help others to have a better Quality of life for what they have left. I know that you can not save the world but each person can make a difference. I hope to do that.

Thank you for this program. Death today is now hidden in hospitals, but so is the frailness of the elderly. It is so sad that we as a country are not prepared for what is coming, the increase in the large numbers of elderly that are living longer. It seems that the colleges are not able to turn out enough nurses and doctors fast enough. I will end this in saying that the gentleman,that was on this program, is so right in what he said, " Growing old is for the birds " and this can only become even more true in just the near future. Thank you again,

I was very touched by your program. I have worked in the NYC area as a home care nurse for over 10 years. This is an issue I have faced in my work often and I was pleased to see physicians advocating for clients facing end of life decisions and questioning the sustaining of life without considering it's quality.

As a home care nurse I am afforded the privilege spending as much time as is necessary with each client to facilitate a close trusting relationship which often lends itself to an open discussion of this issues. I think that cost cutting measures and the advent of managed care has forced physicians to spend less and less time with their patients and has interfered with there ability to devote time to discussing these sensitive, personal decisions. I was pleased to see that some physicians are taking the bold step to speak out in our litigious society and truly connect with their patients and caregivers and educate them in all the options available.

The kid was in pain but doing all right. He was on a solid morphine drip. What bothered him more than his wounds were the pair of nurses who talked too loud and the bright lights in the cabin. The lights were kept bright so open wounds could be seen clearly by the nurses. Still the lights kept the kid awake. My friend kept the kid awake too, trying to sleep next to someone as burnt up as him was like trying to sleep next to a box of poisonous snakes. 041b061a72


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