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[S1E3] Coach Crash

However, Margot was ready to go to the police the second the murder affected someone who meant the world to her. Why didn't she care when Allison died in the car crash? Murder is murder, regardless of one being an accident.

[S1E3] Coach Crash

Autumn and Gidget go wig shopping and Autumn chooses a long blonde model. Uncle Clifford pressures Autumn to learn more from Andre about the casino. Andre talks to the mayor. Andre says The Pynk is the most important property needed for the casino. The effort to build the casino is being done quietly so the churchgoers won't get a chance to vote it down. Autumn needs her ID to pick up the cash she illegally transferred. So she goes out to eat with Andre. He admits he's married. Mercedes, Keyshaw, and Gidget crash their breakfast, causing Andre to scamper. Clifford confronts Corbin Kyle about the casino. Patrice agrees to return Mercedes's money so she can purchase her studio. Diamond applies a homemade poultice to Keyshawn's sprained wrist. Autumn starts getting drunk after holding Keyshawn's infant brings back bad memories. Mercedes, Mississippi, and Gidget perform their "Trinity" routine. Autumn crashes their performance, stumbling around and falling off the pole. Mercedes sends her home to sober up. DJ Neva Scared offers to help L'il Murda with his music. Andre and Autumn visit The Mounds. He explains how the casino can bring prosperity back to Chucalissa. He takes her back to his motel room. She sends him out for a condom so she can access his laptop. Autumn finds the folder with photos of her and bolts. When dropping off Neva Scared, L'il Murda turns down Clifford's invitation to come in. Gidget's boyfriend Duffy shows up at the club. Clifford has been storing oxycontin for him. Autumn pay the mother lode with the files she sent to Clifford. Using Autumn's phone, Clifford invites Andre to The Pynk. Mercedes crashes her dancer Terika's party. Clifford confronts Andre. Terika is Mercedes' daughter and her mother pulls her off Mercedes's team. Autumn picks up her cash.

Despite earning her cutie mark in an endeavor that came naturally to her, Rainbow Dash advises Apple Bloom to try out many different activities to gain her cutie mark in Call of the Cutie, leading the filly and her friends to pursue their cutie marks in the wrong avenues. When coaching Apple Bloom in Call of the Cutie, Rainbow Dash dons a sports headband, a whistle, and later a martial arts uniform with a black belt when Apple Bloom tries karate.

In Flight to the Finish, Rainbow Dash coaches the Crusaders for their competition to carry the flag at the upcoming Equestria Games. She wears a baseball cap and a whistle during the majority of this episode, like in May the Best Pet Win! and Hurricane Fluttershy. When Scootaloo is unhappy with the fact she can't fly, Rainbow Dash tells Scootaloo that she doesn't need to fly to be awesome.

Yellowjackets season 1 begins a story split across 25 years. In 1996, following a plane crash the Yellowjackets football team are stranded in the wilderness and season 1 follows their struggle to survive up to the first snowfall. Meanwhile, in 2021, a group of the survivors are shown as adults who are working to keep the secrets from their 19 months in the wilderness hidden from public view. As well as exploring a female-led narrative, Yellowjackets also provides some important LGBTQ+ representation.

In the present day, Levi confesses to Gavin that while he was suffering from his visions and alcoholism, Levi and Eve had an affair, which was a big reason he left for Germany. Despite it all, the two reconcile before Levi flies into the sinkhole. But in a turn of events, he appears to crash. But he's not dead. Instead, he's traveled to 10,000 B.C., too.

Meanwhile, Cheryl gets more than she bargains for when she crashes the gang's playbook recovery mission, as everyone sees her brother's name in it, clearly complicit in the team's heinous activities. The realization that she doesn't know her brother as well as she thinks is like a gut punch. The silver lining: she softens her attitude toward Betty moving forward, finally believing everything Betty told her about Jason (Trevor Stines) and Polly.

-The football coach is forced to cut Chuck and the other five players involved with the playbook after Betty publishes her exposé in the school paper. Justice is served! But according to Jughead's narration, that action "would have terrible consequences for the weeks to come."

G.O.B., meanwhile, has been kicked out of his girlfriend Marta's house. Michael refused to let him crash at the model home but Lucille agreed to let him stay. When she asked him to zip up her dress he moved out. She also heard from Lindsay that Buster was talking trash about her.

Buster is later put in charge of building a bicycle for George Michael. He forgot to install breaks, however, and crashes when he takes it out for a ride with Michael. A lonely and bitter Lucille returned to the office to get Buster but Michael said that Buster was doing fine without her. Buster then stood up for himself and told Michael that he liked living with his mother. He then firmly told his mother that he would sit in the front seat, a small but significant act of independence from his mother. 041b061a72


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