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Paul Shashkov
Paul Shashkov

Stockfish Opening Book Ctg 16: A Powerful and Up-to-Date Opening Book for the Strongest Chess Engine

If you tell it to play the book it will play it, if you tell it to memorize the book it will memorize it. Both cases will give the same results in terms of analysis with later parts of the game being evaluated by the openings it has played.

Stockfish Opening Book Ctg 16

Yes, even for full games, unlike engines like Houdini. If you were familiar with a specific opening system and played a lot of games you could almost surely improve all your evaluations. I've tried this and it can be very effective but especially for longer games you need to have a lot of games, preferably a good deal of full games.

Is there any reason that the opening books play the starting position with one variation out of 4 while the games are played out with all variations (the engine could also use all variations). I wish the engines supported computers positions and gave me the variations that were played.

My new opening book was working like a charm, but I only played white against the English Opening System. Dampening the engine to avoid destroying existing databases was just not possible (at least with the techniques I used).

So there are two completely different ways of doing this. Either you play only one variant of each opening system, maybe truncating the databases, or you play the opening book and allow all variations to be played from the beginning. In the latter case, all variants must be in the opening book.

After watching a couple of hours of Chess on TV, I got an idea: why doesn't Stockfish have a "Slow chess" setting with 200-second time control, where only queens are allowed and there is no sudden checkmate?


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