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Paul Shashkov
Paul Shashkov

Naked Girl Wint Painted Pant

The crowd that gathered was a mixture of passing tourists who stopped to gawk at the freaks of New York City, little boys and girls who crawled through legs trying to get their first glimpse of some cooze, and the middle-aged men with cameras who follow Andy all over the city to watch and photograph these performances. (This last group was extremely creepy and I wondered if they knew there were easier ways to see naked women.) Andy started painting Felicity, his first model, around 6 PM. The other models trickled in throughout the day, causing the crowd to swell when each new girl revealed her breasts.

naked girl wint painted pant

Her oldest daughter, Shayla, a ten-year old, was a portly little thing. Although Shayla looked tough, she was a sweetheart. She was very protective of her kid sister, Laila, who was only eight at the time. By physical appearances, you would never guess that these two were full biological sisters. It appeared that the only characteristic they shared was the chestnut hair they had inherited from their mother. Laila was a beautiful little girl. She was very petite, with brown, sun-kissed skin, and gorgeous green eyes. Shayla was shy, while Laila was outspoken.The girls waited in our reception area, with the books they had brought with them to read, while Amber and I interviewed each other. Amber painted the following horrific picture for me.


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